Reiki Circle: where practitioners of all levels come together to practice, to give and to receive. Take this opportunity to share your experiences with all of us while we work together once a month.

There is no fee, I only accept donations toward the sanctuary.All donations are appreciated and should be given during the time of classes or workshops or mailed directly to Kellie Marino.

Please contact me to reserve your sacred space. Dates and times to be determined. 

To become a certified REIKI Practitioner today: Please contact me at

Lotus Light Sanctuary
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REIKI Classes
Kellie Marino, Reiki Master-Teacher

Reiki therapy is a holistic, gentle energy work process that assists in physical, mental and emotional healing. It is a simple, effective and powerful method of natural healing and is also used by many different types of healthcare givers including nurses, doctors, people giving rehabilitation services, massage therapists, social workers and many others who have the opportunity. Anyone can become a reiki practitioner. People from all over the world whether professional or for personal use reiki for themselves, others, plants and animals. The system allows the practitioner to easily channel this loving energy through the light touch of the hands.

Reiki is an ancient healing art rediscovered in Japan in the 1800’s by Dr. Mikao Usui.Through an investigative process that led him to Sanskrit texts, Usui discovered the techniques used to re-awaken and re-open the healing channel within the practitioner to allow for the transfer of the vital life force.

Reiki is taught in 3 levels or ‘degrees’.
In each degree, the teacher performs a series of attunements upon the student. This process opens and clears the subtle energy channels within the student and connects him/her with the energy lineage of this sacred healing process. Each student will learn the correct way to perform a service and will receive a service from me. (Private teachings only). We will also work with meditation and intuition.

The benefits of choosing to learn and practice Reiki will last a lifetime. Reiki helps to alleviate pain, fatigue, stress and emotional disorders. It can ease the effects from all types of illness or addictions, both acute and chronic. A treatment can replenish body energies and restore mental and emotional clarity and focus. Reiki harmonizes and balances the body chakras resulting in a feeling of relaxation and well being. 

The emotional and spiritual experience will reach all areas of your life, both personal and professional. With each degree of Reiki comes a deeper level of dedication to the learning process and the practice of its use. Reiki has a way of fulfilling life’s journey with meaning as we learn to give and love and add peace to our lives, the lives of others and send energy back to mother earth each time we use Reiki.

Above left: 3rd hand placement for self treatment Above right: 6th hand placement for full body treatment
Reiki treatments
Hour reiki treatment is $45
1/2 hour treatment is $25
The above offer applies to full hour treatment sessions only
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